TexCare’s founder Kjeld Bang started in 1988 to offer a range of textile care products with very special features.

The clothing industry has a natural desire for the clothes they sell to get the best care and washing, so that the new look of the clothes is preserved as long as possible and provide satisfied customers.
Each of the series’s products has properties that are not found in other detergents: Cottonwash, which rewashes prewashed colors that will be new again. Woolwash that adds a special softness to the wool – a stain remover that is simply Denmark’s best and does not touch the colors. Polywash removes unpleasant odors by the laundry because washing – regardless of detergent – is not able to remove odors.
The last shot on the trunk is Cotton Boost, which in just 1 wash restores all prewashed colors, after which you wash in Cottonwash – an ALL DAY WASH that preserves the recycled colors!

TexCare is purchased in clothing stores, dry cleaners and at TexCare’s Webshop.

TexCare and the environment

All TexCare products are composed with the utmost care of the environment.

When flushing the detergents after use, they pass a purification plant.

About 1 hour later, over 95% are degraded to harmless substances and the remainder disappears a few hours later.

This means that TexCare Textile Care is ranked in the best category: “Slightly biodegradable” according to screening test OECD 302B.

It is clear that the sooner a product breaks down, the less it affects the nature negatively.

TexCare products are extremely concentrated. This also means that nature is subjected to the least possible and at the same time the consumer can enjoy small, delicious bottles that are not heavy to drag home …

TexCare and hypersensitivity

TexCare is designed to be as gentle as possible to you and your skin.

TexCare is made up of few and carefully selected drugs to reduce the risk of allergy and hypersensitivity and does not contain substances known to cause allergy. The content has been carefully declared so it is possible to tell the doctor what substances are washed with. TexCare, of course, does not contain any unnecessary additives and is free of perfume.