Texcare® Leather lotion

Leather cleaner and leather care is a liquid lotion for both cleaning and care of leather and smooth hide.

Not for use on suede or hides with an absorbent surface.

Cleans leather and hides effectively, and supplies natural nutrients and fine oils that preserve the softness of the leather. Refreshes colours.

Texcare® Leather lotion is also highly suitable for leather furniture.
In order to ascertain the TexCare® Leather lotion’s effect on the colour of the leather, a sample should be applied in an inconspicuous place.
Allow drying for approximately 8 hours before assessment.


It is unnecessary to shake the bottle before use. Apply a thin and even layer with a soft cloth to remove dirt and stains.
Buff the surface, using light movements.


Processed vegetable oils, lanolin, glycerine, emulsifier.

Content: 250 ml.

Made in Denmark.
Manufacturing and distribution
Viborgvej 9 DK-8900 Randers
Tel:   +45 86 43 43 11  email@texcare.dk