TexCare Antistatspray

TexCare® Antistatic spray
For all materials

Removes static electricity immediately, which causes clothing to stick to the body and produces unpleasant shock. Works immediately by spraying directly on the wings of your clothes. INDEHOLDER 250 ml.TexCare® Antistatic spray is suitable for dresses, skirts and outerwear.

Without pressure and aerosol – but with a finger pusher, prevent small particles from reaching your airways.

Can also be used on many other surfaces: The clear liquid is sprayed onto walls, mats and floors where you want to remove static electricity.
Suitable for the clothes in your tumble dryer, so the entire sink avoids static electricity.

Another way to avoid static electricity in your laundry, we recommend to wash in TexCare® Polywash. A complete detergent with built-in antistatic effect and an effective odor remover.

Spray directly on the back / back of your clothes in a thin and even layer.
Can also be used when drying in a tumble dryer by spraying the wet clothing before it gets in the dryer or directly on the clothes when it is in the dryer.

Content: 250 ml