How colours are recreated on cotton and viscose:

Fiber1 1.
New unused fiber.
Light reflected from its smooth surface showing us the color clearly.
Wash in conventional detergents means that the cotton fibers break, and the substance is shaggy.
Light that reflects the colors from such a furry and fluffy surface is perceived by our eyes as gray and dull.
The clothes will have a washed look.
Long periods washing in ordinary detergent makes the clothes faded, stiff and with a used appearance.
This is because the furry get tangled up and form lint.
The product feels stiff and washed-out, chalk and dirt particles gets easier fast
Fiber4 4.
TexCare® Cottonwash removes all the fluf and restores the original colors and texture.
The clothes feel again as new and soft and the colors are clear, as when the clothes were new.

Cotton clothing can be gray and fluffy in the colors after only a few washes, TexCare® goes to the root of the problem by restoring damaged fibers

Wash and use causes that colored cotton, linen or viscose lose color brightness, becomes fuzzy and looks old . The illustrations shows why. As the garment is used, the fibers begin to break off and form split ends in the same way as our hair. These protruding microfibrils get tangled up and form little lint that easily captures the small dirt particles. The result is that the clothes start to look faded and worn look, even though it is rather new. TexCare® contains very specific enzymes that remove the microfibrils and lint protruding on the surface. With the removal of microfibrillae disappears the fluffy look and the colors wil be bright and look new again.
The graph below shows the results of a test washing in both ordinary detergent and TexCare Cottonwash.Both columns are the colors after 24 washes
Old, washed-out cotton get the colores back and recreated within a few washes.  The test shows an improvement during 20 washes. Further washes in TexCare® restores the colors almost to their original appearance. Finally, the clothes is almost as good as new in the colors and softness.
Softening effect: A fluffy surface makes the clothes hard and rough to the touch. Wash with TexCare® make the cotton soft.


24 washes of new cotton:
So great is the difference when using TexCare® Cottonwash instead of conventional detergents
Washing the older, washedout cotton:
So much of the color brightness will be recreated with TexCare® Cottonwash

Wash with ordinay detergent              ♦         Wash with TexCare Cottonwash

83% washed-out clothes have recreated the colors at 20 wash in TexCare Cottonwash