TexCare in the environment

Cottonwash · Woolwash · Silkwash · Polywash · Antistatic spray is biologically readily biodegradable

Each year, 30,000 tonnes of detergents are discharged into our drain.

Classic detergents are an enormous environmental impact.

It is therefore of the utmost importance to use a detergent that is least harmful to the environment. Non-biodegradable products remain naturally harmful to animals and humans.

The detergent substances are vegetable based and tested for complete biodegradability by screening tests OECD 302A-F. The results of these tests show that the constituents obtain placement in the best category “Slightly biodegradable”.

The low dosage, which is sufficient with TexCare® gives full washing effect, but minimizes the environment.

This means that less than one hour after the detergent has reached the treatment plant, over 95% has been degraded and converted into harmless substances following the least environmental impact resulting from watercourses and marine environment and drinking water.