TexCare® Tøjshaver

Shaves off and effectively removes lint, fluff and pilling from knitwear, all kinds of textile fabrics, upholstery, rugs and the like.

Put the fabric on a flat surface. If there are threads sticking out of the fabric, these must be pulled to the backside of the fabric with a needle or needle threader in order to avoid holes in knitwear or fabric.

Insert 1 large, round battery LR20 by turning the bottom piece of the machine to the mark and taking it off. Battery not included.


Remove the protective lid in front of the grid. Do not press the machine too hard against the fabric or knitwear. Move the machine slowly across the surface of the fabric. Clean the cutting blades after use. Empty the container after use.
Remove the battery if the Clothes shaver is not in use for some time.

The Clothes shaver is not for use by children.

Adjustment of the blades:
If the cutting capacity of the machine does not appear optimal, it is possible to adjust the blades:
Unscrew the metal grid, and take the blades off. Insert a thin knife blade or a screwdriver under the white plastic part on the metal shaft. Twist the knife blade a bit so that the plastic part slides outwards on the shaft. This will allow the rotating knives to get closer to the underside of the metal grid, thus improving the cutting capacity.

Note: If the blades get too close to the grid, they are unable to rotate. In this case, knock gently on the white plastic part with the handle of the screwdriver to slide the plastic part further along the shaft.

Made in China for TexCare®

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