TexCare® Silkwash is a special detergent without enzymes for care of natural silk, raw silk and Thai silk.

gives silk a lovely fullness and softness, and preserves the colors of both sand-washed silk, and strong-coloured silk.

Dosage (soft, medium-soft and hard water):
Hand laundering:
2 teaspoons (5 ml) for every 5 litres of water. Do not soak, but squeeze the soapy water through the fabric several times. Then rinse 1-2 times in clean water.

Machine washing:
2 tablespoons (20 ml.). Set the machine at 40° C, preferably a gentle cycle.

Only put a small amount of clothes in the machine. After washing, the clothes should be rolled into towel. Iron at 150° C while still moist. Iron on the inside to avoid ironing marks on the outside. Do not use softener. Do not let the clothes dry in sunlight.

Difficult stains:
Texcare® Silkwash is a gentle detergent which preserves silk in the best possible way. In case of difficult stains, we recommend applying TexCare Stain remover on the stain without rubbing it in, and to leave it for a maximum of 30 min. Then wash the clothes as a whole.

Note: Some silk types have very low colour fastness. Always test the colouring of the fabric before spot cleaning by applying TexCare® Silkwash in an inconspicuous place.

Readily biodegradable in test OECD 302 B


Made in Denmark.

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