How does TexCare Cottonwash work?

TexCare Cottonwash rejuvenate the colours on once-vivid clothes and recreate a new look.

TexCare Cottonwash removes all broken fiber ends from the surface of the fabric and prevents the fluffy. This keeps the fabric surface smooth, keeps the colors clear and bright, and helps to extend the new look of cotton clothes. Prevents black clothes from becoming gray. Preserves the colors and color contrast.

TexCare Cottonwash removes lint and pilling from the surface of old and worn fabrics, and makes them look new.
Restores and preserves the original appearance, color and softness of the fabric.

The fabric becomes soft and fabric softener is not necessary.

To illustrate how TexCare Cottonwash maintains the new look of the clothes, see here (left in the middle) one piece of a black interlock T Shirt, which has been washed 24 times at 40 ° C.

The small image below is an enlargement
– see the arrow
The small image below is an enlargement
– see the arrow
At the top below, the fibers have been washed 40 times in common detergent and as you can se, the surface of the fiberes hs an uneven broken surface: Below is the same piece of clothing washed 24 times in TexCare Cottonwash, and now, the fibers are fine, and smooth, with no lint:
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